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Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

Very Few People or Businesses are Conscious of the Presence of Laboratory grown diamonds, and even if they're, we'd want them to understand a bit more.

Some of the facts are as follows:

  • 1) Laboratory Grown Diamonds are physically and optically precisely the same as diamonds that are mined.
  • 2) Mined Diamonds are formed within the planet's surface, while Lab Grown Diamonds are made from the lab.
  • 3) Laboratory created diamonds can be found in many different colors.
  • 4) Researchers and gemologists can correctly replicate the specific attributes of diamonds that are mined.
  • 5) As they're grown within the lab they're infinite in supply.
  • 6) They can be found in various cuts, sizes, color and shapes.
  • 7) They're diamonds grown out of a diamond seed.
  • 8) They're a revolution from the diamond market. They have many benefits over diamonds that are mined.
  • 9) All Lab Grown Diamonds are rated according to same specifications and parameters as diamonds that are mined.
  • 10) The worldwide requirement for Laboratory created diamonds is growing especially in nations such as United States, United Kingdom and India.
  • 11) It is just about impossible for the eye to tell the difference between laboratory grown and diamonds that are mined.
  • 12) It has many advantages than natural Diamonds, like we don’t have to dig our earth.
  • 13) CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition) & HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) is used for growing lab created diamonds.

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