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About Us

Rohin Grown Diamonds is synonymous with Quality & credibility. Understanding the potential & growing market of the grown diamond we made our foray 5 years ago. We are the manufacturer, Wholesaler & Distributers of the lab grown diamonds of all sizes.

Our Promoters are at the Gem & jewelry sector for at least 4 decades. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the production and supply of ethically sourced collectible diamonds. A couple of years back we had been approached to invest in large technologies to develop beautiful gem-quality diamonds that would have a guaranteed conflict-free source.

Our partners who handle the technology side of their company have a experienced team of researchers and developers which are constantly working towards new milestones to stay 1 step ahead from the fast-evolving lab diamonds climbing technologies. This has enabled us to keep an range of international patents that provide complete intellectual property protection to a own diamond growth process. Being a part of the lab-made diamonds industry at this critical moment, we are enthusiastic about accepting untrodden paths and have carved a market place. .


Our duty is to earn lab grown diamonds that the sign of true love forever by being in the forefront of science and technologies.


We have moved past the 'What ifs' as we all research the 'What is next'. Our vision is to presume that the exceptional, chase perfection and proceed with the long run.

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